Your coffee connoisseurs, inspired by the serenity of nature, are here to brighten your day. At A Walk in the Park Cafe, every brew is a journey, and every sip, a step closer to tranquility.

Like the serene pathways in our favorite parks, we noticed the chaos in our local cafe scene. The towering prices. The mundane coffee blends. The absence of cozy corners to relax.

So, inspired by the peace of a park stroll, "A Walk in the Park Cafe" was born. Where every sip feels like a breath of fresh air and every corner invites you to sit back and soak in the tranquility.

We're not your average cafe

See what makes us different.

Food For Any Taste!

Seasonal Espresso Drinks

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Paint While You Wait & Support The Arts

Coffee in a brown paper glass to go in winter outdoors, snow

Coffee makes our lives brighter.

We're here to make your coffee experience better.

Unlimited Imagination Foundation

The Unlimited Imagination Foundation stands as a beacon for the arts. We believe that artistic expression is the soul's language, a universal medium that transcends boundaries and unites us all. Our commitment is unwavering: to ensure that every aspiring artist, regardless of their background, has the platform and resources to let their creativity soar.

Our Mission

To champion the arts by providing individuals with the resources, opportunities, and community they need to explore and hone their artistic talents. In a world filled with noise, we seek to amplify the voices of artists, ensuring that their creativity is celebrated and cherished.

Elderly Couple with Coffee in Park

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1491 Aster Ave,

Akron, OH 44301



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